Remote Clinic

Given that people are often the most important assets of companies, having a custom-made clinic set up, staffed and provided with equipment and supplies especially for companies that are operational in remote areas, can no longer be considered a luxury.

Clinic setup can range from GP care to Trauma care to small remote hospitals, all according to the need of the company. Our staff includes licensed paramedics, doctors and nurses are trained and experienced in ATLS, ACLS and other relevant courses.

Having medical services available on-site through clinics in remote areas comes with many advantages. Remote clinics provide convenient access to high-quality care, help employers manage their healthcare expenditures, provide employees the opportunity to manage chronic conditions, improve productivity through reduced absenteeism and can help identify illnesses at an earlier stage. Also, for many employees, just the thought of having professional medical care available to provide trauma care in case of any incidents on-site, offers a great sense of relief.

We have the track record to demonstrate that we have extensive experience in the establishment of clinics in remote areas and successfully running these clinics in such a way that our customers are ensured of high-quality consistent medical care at all times. The clinic will be set up, staffed, furnished and equipped with supplies in a way that is in full compliance with the specific requirements and needs of your organization.