Health Control Services has an extensive database of general practitioners who offer excellent preventive and curative health care. Our efficient and customer – oriented primary health care services provide you with a reliable initial diagnosis. When necessary, we make referrals to the relevant specialist and ensure the efficient coordination of further diagnosis, treatment and monitoring through our case management system.


Through our occupational health services, we offer a support system that benefits both employers and employees and is focused on ensuring that work environments are safe and healthy. The focus is on maintenance and promotion of the well-being, health, safety and work capacity of the employees and where necessary, improvement of the work environment. Having a solid system in place to provide occupational health services will increase the productivity and mitigate absence of employees. Based on your specific needs, our services may include, among others, surveillance of the work environment, performance of risk assessments, conducting health examinations, providing advice on preventive measures and case management.


When an employee gets sick, it almost always affects their ability to work and thus their performance and productivity. Once an employee calls in sick, their road to recovery is a process that should be closely monitored and adequately documented. In most organizations, these tasks fall upon the HR department. Our case management services offer you the opportunity to unburden the HR professionals in your organization. We provide extensive support in the coordination, monitoring and documenting the developments surrounding the illness of your employees. The benefits of our services include a significant reduction in long-term absences due to illness and in the event employees have a long-term recovery process or don’t make a full recovery and are not able to return to work in the position prior to their illness, we provide the required support in finding a position in your company that matches your employees’ ability.