Oil & Gas Industry

Working offshore can be physically demanding and ensuring the health of offshore workers is therefore very important. We have extensive experience in especially the oil and gas industry and are well-informed of the applicable requirements, so you can rest assured that our health check-ups meet the relevant international standards.


The examinations are performed by a NOGEPA (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association) registered doctor. NOGEPA medical certifications are recognized by OLF and OGUK (formerly UKOOA).

Tests of the medical examination

The following tests are part of our examination:

  • Completion of Patient Questionnaire
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Urinalysis – routine urine test with immediate result
  • Measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Near and Far Distance and Color Vision
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Test)
  • Audiogram (Hearing test)

Validity term certificate

We issue an offshore medical certificate, which is valid for two years.


Our Medical Examination Center, our One - Stop - Shop for all medical examinations, is dedicated to performing medical exams that are quick and convenient for both the person or company requesting the exam and the person undergoing the exam.

Although there are many different reasons for having medical examinations, the pre-employment examination is very common in Suriname. This is a medical examination performed by a doctor at the request of an employer as part of the finalization of the application procedure. The exam may consist of a questionnaire and an interview with additional physical and/or laboratory tests.

Some of our customized medical exams include:

  • Medical screenings for companies (on request and if possible, this can be performed on location)
  • Pre-employment medical screening
  • Periodic medical examinations
  • Driver's license medical examination
  • Food handler’s medical examination (for example for the catering industry)

Our Medical Examination Center is equipped with the latest advanced equipment for the following:


As our focus is on making the examination as quick and convenient as possible, the general procedure after receiving a written request for a medical examination is as follows:

  • Registration of the customer at our office
  • Filling out of questionnaire by the customer
  • Collection of blood and urine samples
  • Customer undergoing physical examination performed by the doctor, during which specific tests are done
  • Sending out the results or temporary results which are known the same day

We are dedicated to providing reliable, timely and comprehensive information and as such our medical exams are performed according to International guidelines including NIOSH and OSHAS.



The Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname (CASAS) has specific medical requirements for, among others, pilots of Surinamese aircrafts and air traffic controllers in Suriname. HCS can provide the medical examination to assess your medical fitness and issue the medical certificate required under Surinamese law.


Under US law, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airmen should be in possession of a medical certificate. In order to acquire the medical certificate, airmen are required to be examined by an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner. HCS has medical professionals available to perform this medical examination and, provided that you meet the required medical standards, provide you with the medical certificate required under US law.