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Health Care Service

Health Control Services brings together over 40 years of specialized knowledge and dedication across diverse medical care domains, serving prominent national and multinational corporations as well as institutions in Suriname.

With a team of young, enthusiastic and experienced professionals, HCS provides a dynamic and complete healthcare service for the Surinamese community. 

Our mission and vision statement


“Our mission is to lead as an innovative, reliable, and hospitable organization, offering the highest standard of preventive, curative, and occupational healthcare.”


“We strive to be an internationally recognized provider of emergency medical, occupational, and primary healthcare services.”

Our Management

Anouk Kort

Managing Director of Health Control Services

As a Medical Doctor specialized in occupational health, Anouk Kort leads HCS as the Managing Director. Her expertise includes occupational medical exams, testing, and overseeing HCS clinics’ activities. Anouk’s dedication to health and safety is evident through her certifications and commitment to staying updated with the latest regulations.

Sheila Kort

CEO of Health Control Laboratories and Health Control Medical Care

Sheila Kort, a Pharmacist and Clinical Chemist, brings extensive experience to HCS. Her expertise spans quality control, medical laboratories, and strengthening laboratory services on an international scale. Sheila’s knowledge of procurement, supply chain practices, and WHO Clinical Laboratory Practice is invaluable.

Our Health Care Professionals

Our team comprises a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including:

Occupational Health Specialists (MD)

ER Specialists

General Physicians

Offshore Advanced Life Support Medics

Remote Advanced Life Support Medics

Trauma Nurses

Physical Therapists

Hearing Conservation Specialists

Clinical Chemists




With a broad spectrum of healthcare offerings and a diverse team of professionals, HCS is committed to providing exceptional medical services that cater to the unique needs of the Surinamese population.

our history

A Legacy of Medical Excellence

In 1997, Dr. Reginald Kort founded Health Control Services (HCS) as the Mozes Foundation for Curative and Preventive Care. With extensive experience as the head physician at Billiton Maatschappij Suriname, an affiliate of the renowned BHP Group, Dr. Kort recognized the diverse medical needs within companies and the importance of establishing clinics, particularly in remote areas. Under his guidance, the general practice provided preventive and curative care through a team of dedicated medical professionals, including general practitioners, company doctors, and diabetes nurses.

Evolving with the Changing Healthcare Landscape

Over time, as Surinamese society progressed, the healthcare landscape transformed, necessitating specialized medical services. The growing emphasis on employee health and safety within companies led to an increased demand for pre-employment and ongoing medical examinations. Technological advancements fueled the need for specialized screenings, while the expansion of the gold mine sector required on-site medical services in remote areas. Concurrently, the demand for clinical laboratory services continued to rise.

Expanding to Meet Suriname's Healthcare Needs

Recognizing the evolving healthcare needs of Suriname, Dr. Sheila Kort and Dr. Anouk Kort, the daughters of Dr. Reginald Kort, took the reins of HCS. Leveraging over 40 years of combined expertise, they led the gradual expansion of the practice’s service portfolio. Today, HCS stands as a leading organization offering a comprehensive array of medical services to the people of Suriname.

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