About us


Health Control Services (HCS), a family company, started with the establishment of the general medical practice in 1997 by dr. Reginald Kort under the name Mozes Foundation for Curative and Preventive Care. By that time dr. Reginald Kort had obtained extensive first-hand experience with the wide range of needs for medical services in companies through his position as head physician at Billiton Maatschappij Suriname, an affiliate of one of the largest world-renowned mining companies, BHP Group. His time with this internationally operational company, had also given him the opportunity to grow his network of medical professionals and acquire the know-how necessary for the successful set-up and staffing of clinics, especially in remote areas. Through his general practice, preventive and curative care was provided by different medical professionals, including general practitioners, company doctors and diabetes nurses.

Over time, as the Surinamese society further developed and changed, so did the health care landscape and the need for medical expertise and services. Within companies, the awareness of the importance of ensuring the health and safety of workers significantly increased, both pre-employment and during employment. The advancement of medical technology contributed to an increased demand in different specialized examinations, while the expansion of the gold mine sector resulted in increased activities in remote areas and an increased demand in the availability of on-site medical services and supplies. The demand for clinical laboratory services has always been high and only further increased over the years.

Recognizing the demand in the Surinamese market for a diverse array of medical services, the general practice gradually and successfully expanded its service portfolio under leadership of dr. Sheila Kort and dr. Anouk Kort, the daughters of dr. Reginald Kort. Now, HCS has grown into an organization that unites over 40 years of expertise and professionalism in various medical fields and offers a comprehensive set of medical services to people in Suriname. Our core services include GP care, medical laboratory examinations, medical screenings, and the establishment, furnishing and staffing of remote clinics for trauma and emergency care. This unique combination of services allows us to provide a complete set of health care services through our team of health care specialists that consists of both young enthusiastic health care professionals and experienced health care specialists, and we are very proud to have some of the largest national organizations and various multinationals in Suriname among our clients.

Core values

Since the start of the organization we have been dedicated to providing the best possible medical services according to our core values.


P - Professionalism
We work with trained and competent staff, and we have a continuous education program in our company which ensures that employees are up to date with the latest standards, developments, and technologies.

R - Respect & Responsibility

We have the utmost respect for our clients and are responsible for what is expected from us.

I - Integrity

We are honest; we discern right from wrong and deliver to what we promise.

D - Dedicated Client – orientated medical care

Our work span exceeds limitations set by regular working hours, venues and daily technical aspects. Whenever necessary we meet customer needs in terms of geographical, time bound and technical requests.

E - Exceptional Value

We deliver exceptional value by making sure that all our activities, products and services exceed quality requirements specified for their respective line of work.

Our mission

To lead by being an Innovative, reliable & hospitable organization, that offers the highest standard of preventive, curative and occupational health care  

Our vision

To be an internationally recognized provider of emergency medical, occupational and primary health care services.

Our Team

Sheila Kort

CEO of Health Control Laboratories and Health Control Medical Care

Sheila Kort is a Pharmacist and Clinical Chemist. She has extensive experience in both the Quality Control- and Medical Laboratory field. She also has experience with international organizations on strengthening laboratory services and/or diagnostic product/equipment matters and strong understanding of the selection of laboratory diagnostics and the implementation of diagnostic programs especially in resource limited settings. Sheila furthermore has vast knowledge of procurement and supply chain good practices for diagnostic products and lab equipment and a good understanding of WHO Clinical Laboratory Practice.

Anouk Kort

MANAGING DIRECTOR of Health Control Services

Anouk Kort MD is a Medical Doctor. She is specialized in occupational health and has extensive experience in the performance of occupational medical exams & testing and other occupational health matters. As Managing Director, she is mainly focused on directing and supervising the activities of the managers in the different HCS clinics and optimizing and increasing the business operations. Anouk is furthermore a hardworking, dedicated and trustworthy professional with a great interest in Health and Safety. She has done multiple OSHA H&S courses in the US to stay updated with the latest rules and laws. Anouk is one of the 2 dedicated AME (Aviation Medical Examiners) by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in Suriname and therefore also an AME for the Surinamese Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASAS).

Given the broad range of services we offer, it is only natural that our database of health professionals is equally diverse. Our team of health care professionals include the following:

  • Occupational health Specialists (MD)
  • ER Specialists
  • General Physicians
  • Offshore Advanced Life Support Medics
  • Remote Advanced Life Support Medics
  • Trauma Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Hearing Conservation Specialists
  • Clinical Chemists
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Psychologists