HCS provides different preventive and curative care services through Occupational Health services, primary health care services through our General Practitice, Case Management and COVID-19 Management services.

About us

HCS is an organization that unites over 40 years of expertise and professionalism in various medical fields and offers a comprehensive set of medical services to people in Suriname. 

This unique combination of services allows us to provide a complete set of health care services through our team of health care specialists that consists of both young enthusiastic health care professionals and experienced health care specialists


Occupational health

Through our occupational health services, we offer a support system that benefits both employers and employees and is focused on ensuring that work environments are safe and healthy.

General Practice

Health Control Services has an extensive database of general practitioners who offer excellent preventive and curative health care. Our efficient and customer – oriented primary health care services provide you with a reliable initial diagnosis.


Our COVID-19 Management Service will enable you to keep the focus on your core business while we provide you with the necessary assistance to ensure the health and safety of your employees.

Medical screening and other testing

Our Medical Examination Center is dedicated to performing medical exams that are quick and convenient for both the person or company requesting the exam and the person undergoing the exam.


Working offshore can be physically demanding and ensuring the health of offshore workers is therefore very important. We have extensive experience in especially the oil and gas industry and are well-informed of the applicable requirements


Medical certificates as required by CASAS and FAA.

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